From left to right: Chuck Ruehle, Susan Ruehle, Mponda Malozo

Mponda Malozo devotes much of his time to ensure science is embraced by the children of Tanzania and has committed to promote science through astronomy. He is an amateur astronomer, and works with the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture as an environmental and agriculture expert. He is the national coordinator for Universe Awareness-Tanzania. The program is currently represented in six regions with more than 15 astronomy science clubs nation-wide. He translates Space Scoop News into Swahili for Tanzanian children and the general public through and Through translation of various news items, articles, and books he works to ensure his community is well informed about astronomy. He collaborates in the teaching programs of Telescopes to Tanzania and is the national coordinator of Astronomers Without Borders, the Galileo Teacher Training Program, and Star Peace in Tanzania, through which he conducts outreach activities.

Chuck & Susan Ruehle are the founders of Telescopes to Tanzania (TtT, [email protected]). TtT has been working in Northern Tanzania since 2010.  It focuses on using telescopes and astronomy to provide a hands-on methodology for teaching math, science, and geography. The program conducts GTTP teachers’ training workshops and supplies teaching resources to schools and astronomy clubs. It is a project of Astronomers without Borders. The Ruehles have Teacher Education degrees (Sue Elementary, Chuck Secondary) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). Chuck also has a Masters degree in the Cultural Foundations of Education and is a GTTP Ambassador, a NASA Galileo Educator, and a SOFIA Earth Partner. As amateur astronomers they also conduct outreach programs in the US. They are participants in GTTP and GHOU network activities. Currently UNAWE-TZ and TtT are collaborating with a Tanzanian NGO in the development of a Center for Science Education and Observatory. 

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