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Solar Eclipse Argentina December 2020

From One Solar Eclipse to Another - AWB is THERE.

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Sending Solar Glasses to Build Community

Astronomers Without Borders has been sending solar glasses for annular and total solar eclipse since 2008. From Africa, Asia, North and South America, our members, partners and National Coordinators helped to bring glasses to people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view the eclipse directly. Travellers from the United States graciously volunteered to bring them in their luggage and hand them out to local educators and organizers of public viewing events. 

Recycling Donated Glasses

Building a community beyond time and place - glasses that once allowed Americans to witness the 2017 Great American Eclipse built bridges to individuals all over the world!

Millions of donated glasses turned into a few hundred thousand that were vetted for reusability.

Tens of thousands were then sent to South America, Asia, Africa and South America again. Seven years after the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, we have dispensed all the glasses that were entrusted to us from generous Americans who sent them to us at their own expense. 

Building on Past Success

AWB is committed to continue sending glasses to those who need them for outreach and educational programs around the world.  AWB is currently searching for funding to support this program for the April 8, 2024 North American total solar eclipse.


Are you organizing an eclipse viewing event where large crowds will be attending?

Collecting and vetting of solar glasses after 2017 total solar eclipse across the United States

Consider participating in our eclipse glasses recycling program by becoming a collection and vetting hub. AWB is working on providing vetting, packing, storing and shipping instructions. For participating as an eclipse glasses collection/vetting hub , please contact

If you are interested in financially supporting this global program, please donate to our fundraiser here.

Note: AWB is a registered US 501(c)(3) Nonprofit


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From One Eclipse to the Next...

Glasses Sent Across the Globe

  • Eclipse Story: Morrie P.

    Blog Entry
    Found in: AWBGeneral Blogs

    From Morrie P.: As usual the Montreal nebula made its appearance and the clouds were present just after a few minutes of the eclipse. So we only saw a small glimmer of it. But still a successful event. ...

  • Eclipse Story: Michelle Sweeney

    Blog Entry
    Found in: AWBGeneral Blogs

    Eclipse Story: Michelle Sweeney Sipping breakfast tea on the waterfront Acrid scent of a hand rolled cigarette Wafts over my head And the hulls of the handful of boats Barely afloat ...

  • Eclipse Story: Theresa L.

    Blog Entry
    Found in: AWBGeneral Blogs

    From Theresa L.: In North Texas we were at about 78%, but it was still amazing to watch. I also love the shadows. Now, I need some good photography equipment. I’m excited for the total eclipse in April ...

  • Eclipse Story: Rafael M.

    Blog Entry
    Found in: AWBGeneral Blogs

    From Rafael M.: Took one photo while fighting with the clouds! Taken in St Augustine, Florida USA #onepeopleoneeclipse #myeclipsestory #eclipse

  • Eclipse Story: Jane R.

    Blog Entry
    Found in: AWBGeneral Blogs

    From Jane R.: We ate a picnic on this perfect October Saturday and enjoyed walking around to see the changing shadows in our yard. We are excited to get to reuse our eclipse glasses in April! #onepeopleoneeclipse ...

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