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Calling all artists, poets, and photographers!

AWB invites you to participate in a new project created by our National Coordinator in France, Michel Deconick and his wife Jannik Roosens. The One Sky, One Postcard project is a global collaboration during the pandemic, bringing together all people, across all borders who have dealt with isolation and the lack of contact over this last year. In a year where so much has been digital, we wanted to share an opportunity to create something physical.
Here's the result of all of the postcard that were collected! Thank you to all who participated!

Earth Mosaic Picture

The new project is a call-out  to all artists, poets, designers, amateur astronomers and pros, to share their artwork, poetry or images of the night and day sky, in order to create a collective scrapbook of stellar art which may eventually become a traveling art exhibit, a giant mosaic image, a coffee table book, and more! 

Video Note: Audio is in French. If you like, turn on YouTube's auto-translate, closed-captioning  so text is in your chosen language.

All submissions must be 10cm x 15cm, a 4x6 card (in the US). Paint, draw, sketch - Compose haikus and short poems - Take photos of the sky (both day and night). All art can be either horizontal or vertical on the cards. 

There are 4 suggested categories for the postcards (entries may combine categories):

1. A sketch or a painting of the sky 
2. An astronomical photo of the night sky
3. A scrapbooking photo montage 
4. A Haiku or other short poem.

All artwork must be original and your own personal creation.  By submitting the artwork, it will be considered a donation to Astronomers Without Borders and it may be used as a part of our web and outreach materials, or as a part of products sold to benefit the non-profit organization. Children may compose artwork, however it must be submitted by a parent or guardian. No artwork or images will be returned and will be used creatively as needed. 

All photos and artwork can be sent to the following address:

La Maison de Voyageurs
5 Rue de Aires
F- 83630 Artignsoc-Sur-Verdon

Please include your full name and return address so we know who to credit as author.

If you would like to participate, please mail your artwork and poems before August 31, 2021.

Gifts for contributing to the One Sky, One Postcard Campaign

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