Global Astronomy Month 2023

Astronomers Without Borders'

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Inspired by the 100 hours of astronomy, this annual offshoot began upon the inception of Astronomers Without Borders are remains one of its flagship programs.

A mix of various programs ranging from Astro Arts to Observational Programs, this festival runs the whole month of April and features partners and that creates a larger community of astronomy enthusiasts that span the globe.

Something for Everyone!

Highlight Programs:
Global Star Party and SunDay
Talk: Adventures in Astronomy Live-Streaming
Talk: Neurodiversity in Astronomy
Talk: Describing Your Universe
Live Deep Sky Tour with Virtual Telescope
Total Solar Eclipse Live-Stream with Time and Date, April 20
Asteroid Search Campaign
Observational Challenges
Globe at Night Citizen Science Project
Dark Skies Awareness Week
April Sky Maps
Astro Arts - Poetry and Visual Arts

Astronomical League
Globe at Night
International Astronomical Search Collaboration
International Dark Sky Association
Time and Date
Virtual Telescope


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