The Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) AstroArts program was founded by visual artist Daniela de Paulis as a result of her ongoing collaboration with AWB, and as an extension of her research on global projects.

The AWB AstroArts Residency offers the opportunity to develop cultural and artistic projects within the framework of the AstroArts program, utilizing the AWB astronomy network and online resources.

Specialists from the arts and humanities can apply throughout the year with proposals for projects that address the cultural potential of astronomy and space. Conditions are flexible and negotiable, including the timeframe for the Residency.

What does the AWB AstroArts Residency offer?

The AWB AstroArts Residency offers the opportunity to interact with AWB’s diverse international network of astronomers, amateur astronomers, science educators, and space scientists for research and development of the project.

AWB assists the Artist-in-Residence in research for the project, providing connections with its network and global community.

AWB also offers advice on the research process in collaboration with a team of specialists in various fields that can aid in interdisciplinary research.

AWB provides communications to the AWB network and to the public to engage participants, contributors, and/or supporters for project research and execution.

What is expected from the AWB AstroArts Residency?

As AWB emphasizes the importance of astronomy as a tool for global cooperation through its motto “One People, One Sky”, the Artist-in-Residence is expected to exploit AWB’s internet resources and potential for collaboration through active engagement of the AWB global community.

The AWB AstroArts Artist-in-Residence is expected to share the project with the AWB community both during its development and as a final result, offering both passive and active engagement. This might be accomplished through calls for participation, online programs, or other methods. Final projects are expected to be widely accessible either online or via a series of local presentations.

It is hoped that the timing of the project will allow it to be presented during Global Astronomy Month in April, either as a final presentation or a work in progress.

Who should apply?

Applicants may be artists, filmmakers, choreographers, writers, philosophers, or other creative and inquisitive individuals at any stage of their careers who are interested in engaging in a collaborative artistic process, are open to an exchange of creative ideas, and have an interest in global perspectives.