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Calabasas, CA, January 18, 2019:  Astronomers Without Borders will host a live broadcast celebrating the total lunar eclipse on Sunday, January 20 beginning at 10:30 pm EST (7:30 pm PST | 03:30 UT Jan.21), a few minutes before the start of the partial phase of the eclipse.

The live webcast will run for a full 2 hours, covering the most exciting parts of the sky event, including entire first half of the eclipse, well past the point of maximum eclipse when the moon enters Earth’s deepest shadow and blushes red.

The show, co-hosted by National Geographic columnist Andrew Fazekas and radio broadcaster Peter Anthony Holder with special interviews with astronomers and historians discussing eclipsewatching tips, the celestial mechanics behind eclipses, and the importance of the moon in ancient cultures. Live educational activities will demonstrate the science behind the phases and colors of a lunar eclipse. The highlight of the live show will be an ongoing rotation of the best live feeds of the eclipse from four continents.

AWB is inviting members of the public to be part of the show and share their lunar eclipse event photos and videos via Twitter or Facebook using #AWBLunarEclipse for a chance to be featured during the live webcast.

Viewers can also write their questions and comments during the live shows on our YouTube live event page or Facebook page too.

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