Andrew Fazekas - Communications Manager


We at AWB are pleased to announce that preparations have begun for Global Astronomy Month celebrations in April 2018.

Our main theme this year will center on Earth’s lone natural companion that has fascinated cultures around the world – the Moon.

MoonExploration 600That hauntingly beautiful silvery orb hanging in our skies is an integral part of life on Earth. Yet few people notice it or recognize its importance to us.  Throughout Global Astronomy Month this year, the Moon will be celebrated with special series of programming that will be dedicated to helping people rediscover our closest companion in space. The world’s largest celebration of astronomy runs throughout the month of April annually since 2010.  Thousands of people and hundreds of organisations from around the world every year use the opportunity to celebrate GAM and share their passion for astronomy through a wide range of fun and educational events and activities. 

For GAM2018 we are planning on having a variety of exciting programs from observational, online, and artistic activities geared towards exploring the Moon to webcasts that will showcase the latest international developments in lunar science, and plans for robotic and human missions.

Of course we will also have a kaleidoscope of exciting programs and activities exploring ALL the wonders of the night sky from neighboring objects in our solar system to galaxies far, far away.

But to make this a true global success we need YOU!

We invite everyone around the world to participate including schools, teachers, students, amateur astronomy clubs, libraries, museums as well as any other community groups interested in sharing their passion for the Moon and our night sky.

The time is now to start thinking of ideas on how you and your group locally will join the worldwide celebrations. Maybe your club or library can hold public star parties, or lectures, and you can share it with the world through videos or Facebook Lives from your smartphone? Perhaps your local museum or schools can have a drawing contest or can create a collection of stories about the Moon? It’s never too early to start planning.

GAMEvent 800

Whether it’s a local or online event, artwork, photos or articles, we would like to see everyone, from different cultures sharing stories about the Moon and the Universe at large. And we here at AWB can give you the online platform to share and showcase your GAM2018 contributions with the entire world.

Stay tuned for more programming details soon on what promises to be the biggest and best Global Astronomy Month ever!