This year's GAM Astropoetry contest attracted a total of 339 poems, more than any other of our contests in the four year history! They were from around the world, from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and USA. Our younger poets were from mostly from India. So many entries were well crafted and thoughtful that it was very difficult to choose our 18 winners.

Here's the quick list:

Children's Category:
First Place - Isabelle Byren, 
Stockholm, Sweden for "The Moon"
Second Place - Emilia Russell Blom
, Stockholm, Sweden for "Stars"
Third Place - Mohd. Ashaz
, New Delhi, India for "Untitled"
Honorable Mention - Grim Immelsjo
, Stockholm, Sweden for "Gravity is a force"

Young Adult Category:
First Place - Julia Theiss, 
Woodbury, MN, USA for "Nocturne"
Second Place - Francisco José Pinto Pires
, Vila Real, Portugal for "Untitled"
Third Place - Edgardo X
, Fort Worth, Texas for "Untitled"
Honourable Mention - Noopur Vats
, New Delhi, India for "Moon & Stars"

Adult Category:
First Prize - Cristina Ciurez 
Craiova, Romania for "Origins"
Second Prize - Jennie King
, Bailey, CO (USA) for "Home"
Third Prize - Annie Gilliland
, Arlington, VA, USA for "Nomad"
Honourable Mention - Christina Sng, 
Singapore for "Life on Titan"

Congratulations to all - and thanks to all who submitted your poetry and please enter next year!