This month's hangout we will be talking about GAM 2015. We have a jam-packed line-up that will inform you of all the events that we'll having this year.

Christie McGonigal, our chief coordinator has been working very hard to bring the biggest and best GAM ever! Christie will be chatting about Global Astronomy Month and what it means to the astronomy community and how GAM helps to spread the word about STEM education through out the world. She will also be at hand to let you know how best you can participate.

Andrew Fazekas, our communications manager, will be chiming in on how you can let everybody know what you are doing for GAM through our various channels at AWB or great ways to best promote your events through your social media channels.

Daniela de Paulis, our AstroArts editor will be explaining the many ways that you can participate in AstroArts. She will also let you know about OPTIKS, Daniela's own work of art, as our GAM finale.

Teresa Plymate will talk about SunDay and how you can celebrate it in your area of the world.

Babak Tafreshi our partner from The World at Night will be tell us about the AstroPhotography Contest that has already begun to accept entries.

Bob Ecklund, our resident AstroPoetry editor will be describing the AstroPoetry Contest that is already ongoing.

Lina Canos will be chatting about how to introduce and present the disabled astronomy in Stars For All.

Please join us at our hangout this Thursday, March 26 @ 20:00UT.