Improving science education in Tanzania

The Center for Science is a reality! Now we can multiply its impact by adding more ambassadors right away instead of waiting.

An additional $17,000 will DOUBLE the number of astronomy/science ambassadors who will:

  • Visit schools throughout Tanzania
  • Train teachers to teach hands-on, inquiry-based science
  • Teach students
  • Train government education officers in understanding science teaching and scientific concepts
  • Bring more NEW science curricula to schools throughout Tanzania
  • Provide science education resources to TWICE as many schools
  • This stretch goal will allow Telescopes to Tanzania to visit an ADDITIONAL 30 schools, train an ADDITIONAL 60 teachers, and directly reach an ADDITIONAL 2000 students.

The need in Tanzania is great. The need throughout east Africa, and beyond, is even greater. The Center will be a model for transforming science education throughout the region. Astronomy unlocks the door to teaching science and inspiring youth to become scientists.

Today's science students will be the future agronomists who feed the continent, doctors who treat diseases, and engineers who provide clean water technology.

Invest in the future of the world's largest continent by giving the next generation of scientists a boost!

The cost for each new ambassador includes a one-week hands-on training program, a resource package used for their training sessions including a telescope and teaching materials, 10 visits to schools through the year (including transportation), and resources to be left in each classroom that's visited.

This is the BEST way to build on this ongoing effort, to expand what has already created, and to share the gains to be made. The greater the reach, the more the government and other in-country stakeholders will take note and provide assistance. Early success will show it CAN and WILL happen.

Help us build on the momentum you have created.
Support this very important stretch goal!