If you missed our monthly hangout on July 31, 2014, no worries. We have it archived ready for you to enjoy whenever you like. This month our guests included   Daniela DePaulis AstroArtist, Mark Thompson of OPT Telescopes, and Bob Eklund, AstroPoetry judge. 

Daniela DePaulis partners with AWB to create a program called AstroArts where she hopes that an "...ongoing discussion between artists and scientists, creating opportunities for collaboration and dissemination of ideas..." will occur. In this hangout she gave us an update about artists and their recent contributions to the AstroArt movement.

Mark Thompson of OPT Telescopes recently donated the proceeds of a raffle of equipment to raise a generous $7000 at the Southern California Astronomy Exposition of the 10th Annual Astro Festival on July 10th.

Bob Eklund announced the winners of our AstroPoetry competition with featured readings.