awb eclipse glasses nov2013Another total solar eclipse is coming on November 3, 2013. Be ready with AWB's safe solar observing glasses! They are available now from AWB’s online store, priced in single packs of 10 or at amazing discounts for more, perfect for your favorite group of astronomers.

With your Eclipse Shades® Safe Solar Glasses you’ll see the sun in glowing orange and the black silhouetted moon—minus 99.999% of the intense ultraviolet, visible and infrared—from the high seas off Florida’s eastern shores to the African coast south of Liberia to Gabon and the inland nations. They’re perfect for observing sunspots, too, anywhere, at any time.

The high-quality black polymer lenses, optical density 5 and CE certified for absolute viewing safety, are also scratch resistant for years of use. Buy yours now and show your colors, emblazoned with the Astronomers Without Borders name, logo and motto, One People, One Sky, with safety information printed on the back.