ArkanScienceAstronomers Without Borders' Mike Simmons is the special guest on this week's edition of the radio show "ArkanScience!". This radio show, hosted by Christina Lynn (Central Arkansas Astronomical Society), is aired on and supported by KABF 88.3 FM (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA).

The aim of the programme is to bring world science news to Arkansas and beyond - with a heavy emphasis on astronomy! Christina explained to AWB that her goal with ArkanScience! is to share her passion for science and astronomy. She hopes to spark interest in minds of all ages to bring an entertaining and educational show. The show contents varies from science news, informative interviews, music and fun segments like the "sci-fi spotlight".

Mike Simmons is the guest of the show which will be aired on KABF 88. 3 FM at 14.30 UT (9.30am CST) on Friday 12 July 2013. ArkanScience! is also available free of charge as a podcast in iTunes or here for listeners all over the world.