IAU OAD newsOn 1 July 2013 the OAD launched its Call for Proposals for project proposals to be implemented throughout 2014.  AWB invites you to submit ideas for funding now!

You will find the details of the Call as well as an online application form on the OAD website. This year the process has been made easier for proposers and evaluators so submit your ideas for funding to Task Force 1: Universities and Research, Task Force 2: Children and Schools or Task Force 3: Public Outreach!  If you would like to see examples of projects that were funded in last year's call, please have a look at the OAD website where you will find more information on projects being implemented this year.

The available funding will be determined by the IAU Extended Development Oversight Committee and shall depend on the quality and relevance of the proposals received.  This programme has the aim of stimulating astronomy projects at all levels including primary, secondary and tertiary education, science research and the public understanding of science.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 23:59 UTC on 31 August 2013.