During the Google hangout event organised for Global Astronomy Month 2013, the film ‘Serene Universe’ by filmmaker and planetary scientist Maarten Roos and composer William Zeitler, was screened.  Prior to the screening, Maarten Ross explained how the film is an independent project which started in 2008.

Back then he had found a DVD in a store with images of Irish landscapes accompanied by music and he had the idea of doing it with night images from space. He got to know William Zeitler and they started working on this project together.

Released in early June 2013, together with the dedicated website, the film is a unique 1 hour-long experience, a voyage from our familiar and beautiful planet, all the way into deep space.  It is based on about one hundred of the most stunning images from space craft missions and earth and space based telescopes. The music score was composed from scratch and is deeply intertwined with the images.

The film can be viewed with or without short explanatory subtitles. This allows it to be used also in a more educational way. On the DVD, and on the website, additional information can be found on each of the images used in the film, as well as links to the original image, which are all in the public domain.

 This film is a voyage into deep space, and a voyage in your inner space, a unique experience of calm and serenity.  The DVD can be purchased from  http://www.sereneuniverse.com. Also, the film can be rented for a one month period via Video on Demand at http://www.vimeo.com/ondemand/sereneuniverse

On the website, you will also find four short preview extracts of the film.

SereneUniverse movie poster