Saving Hubble, a new, independently-produced documentary, tells the inspirational story of the unprecedented grassroots effort that emerged to save the Hubble Space Telescope after its cancellation in 2004.  Screened at venues ranging from public outreach events (as part of the Hubble Roadshow) to scientific conferences, this dramatic retelling of the popular movement to preserve a scientific cultural icon has been enjoyed by thousands.  Independent filmmaker David Gaynes, an avowed "Hubble Hugger", personally financed the making of Saving Hubble, as well as its distribution and screenings so far.  Now David and Saving Hubble need the support of that same grassroots community to put the final technical touches on the film and produce multiple formats for global distribution.  Saving Hubble will be part of an ongoing astronomy outreach and education effort, the Hubble Roadshow, that will continue to give back to the community just as Hubble itself has.

You can help more people and communities experience Saving Hubble and the Hubble Roadshow.  Be a part of this renewed grassroots campaign by supporting the Saving Hubble/Hubble Roadshow crowd-funding campaign now.

View a newly-released extended preview of Saving Hubble.

Watch for more from this AWB partnership soon!

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