GAM2012 certificates

Participation certificates for GAM 2012 events are now available!  After a long delay due to website issues, updates and changes, those who registered events for GAM 2012 can now get certificates for all those who took part.  Just log in to the site using your AWB user name and password and go to the certificate page on the GAM site.  You'll find the menu option for Participation Certificate under Events on the GAM website. Or go directly to the certificate page. You'll be asked to log in and then redirected.

Certificates can only be created by the registered user who created the GAM 2012 event.  You can enter a name to appear on the certificate, or upload a list of names separated by commas for multiple certificates.  Certificates are available in low- or high-resolution, and black-and-white or color versions.

For any technical support, please write to [email protected]