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Uwingu provides support for AWB programs

Uwingu, a new private organization created to fund science, has announced that it will be providing support for Astronomers Without Borders. Founded by astronomers, planetary scientists, and science educators, Uwingu is creating online products that connect people to the sky and space exploration, and using the profit to fund space research, education, and exploration.  You can contribute to Uwingu through the two innovative programs below, or give a gift certificate through the Uwingu website.

Name a Planet for 99 Cents at Uwingu…

Uwingu is creating a baby book of planet names and you can contribute. For $0.99 USD you can nominate your favorite names for new planets to the growing list. Hundreds of planets have been discovered but there are an estimated 160 billion yet to be found throughout the Milky Way. You can contribute as many names as you like, and you’ll get an electronic certificate you can print verifying your nomination. And best of all, your contribution goes towards funding science research and education. Leave your mark in space, and advance space exploration and education, with planet names at Uwingu.

…and Vote for Your Favorite

Once you’ve added your own names to the list, head over to the voting booth and vote for your favorites planet names. Vote for your own ideas or others. And again the $0.99 USD you’ll contribute will go to fund research and education through Uwingu.