Here are the winners of the GAM 2017 contest! Congratulations to all!
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Young Children category:

Kaashvi Malhotra
Ice Cream Seller
1st place
G.D. Goenka Public School,India
YC001 thumb

Shaniza Nafees
Beautiful Moon In Blue
2nd Place
GD Goenka Public School, India
YC003 thumb

Angry Red Planet-Mars
3rd Place
GD Goenka Public School, India
YC026 thumb

 Youth category

Sutriya Dhruv Sanjaybhai

1st place
PP Savani International School, India
Y005 thumb

Eva Sachdeva

Insight into the Universe
2nd Place
Y044 thumb

Aakarsh Achhra

Reaching Beyond Space
3rd Place
Y045 thumb

Teen category    

Nicules Holtmann
Johannesburg Starry Night
1st place
South Africa
T001 thumb

Guransh Singh

The Diverse Universe
2nd Place
T038 thumb

Janvi Jindal
Light Within Darkness
3rd Place

G.D. Goenka Public School, India
T007 thumb

 Adult category    

Luo Fangyang
Say Hello to Sister Moon
1st place
Taicang city, China
A003 thumb


2nd Place
Ankara, Turkey
A014 thumb

Milan Patel
Last Mission for Hubble
3rd Place

A002 thumb


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