Andrew Fazekas


The Violent Eclipse of the Electric Moon

(Part I)

At the edge of the cosmic universe
Moons fight with galaxies.
Asteroids determine the magnitude of the soul
Emotions force the death of density
A war of forbidden lines.
Violent eruptions and radiating electric clashes
The spark of chaos clashes with the unknown
Sharp chronometers land on the moon
Is this the centre of gravity?
Or the absolute eccentricity?

(Part II)

Sky dancers radiate
A magnetic energy
Flies freely among electric galaxies
Meteors and comets unite
The revolution of the universe
Unconditional darkness
Time disappears in the sky
The destruction of ecstasy
The birth of power
In the cosmos…

Finally at the present I am experimenting with different concepts such as interstellar water, sci-fi digital storytelling and a digital performance inspired by the architecture of the universe.

There is something mysterious, dark and enlightening about the universe. The universe is all of time and space and its contents of intergalactic space (planets, stars, galaxies). Matter and energy create a dark dramaturgy where we totally immerse ourselves, think philosophically about our existence and develop scientific wonder.

‘’One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star’’. Friedrich Nietzsche



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