Global Astronomy Month 2013 features for the first time a program of art and astronomy, including live film screenings, live presentations by artists on their work, space food recipes and an AstroArt panel. GAM AstroArt aims at bringing together art, astronomy and space exploration, opening up discussions and possibilities for new collaborations in these fields.

GAM2013 AstroArt

The live film screening program includes:

  • 'Overview' by Planet Collective
  • 'Serene Universe' by Maarten Roos
  • 'No Gravity' by Silvia Casalino
  • 'le Voyage dans la Lune' by Daniela de Paulis
  • 'Eight Years of Cassini' by Nahum Mendez Chazarra
  • 'Making the Invisible Visible' by Christoph Malin

Each week NASA space food scientist Dr. Charles Bourland – co-author of 'The Astronaut's Cookbook: Tales, Recipes and More' - will present a recipe of astronaut food, including a few anecdotes that made that recipe a success in the space food menu; Dan Goods will present his work as a NASA artist and some interesting and creative experiments with innovative materials such as aerogel; HAM radio operator and CAMRAS member Jan van Muijlwijk will make a live presentation about the past, present and future of the Dwingeloo radio telescope, a very special instrument used by radio amateurs, scientists and artists alike; composer Giovanni Renzo will present his Cosmic Concert, a program loved and well known by the Astronomers Without Borders international community; Space Art pioneer Richard Clar will be the April AstroArtist, every week a new post will be published about his visionary and futuristic work; composer Matthew Whitehouse will discuss his ongoing research on music and astronomy through a live video presentation, created especially for GAM 2013; visual artist Katheleen Horner will launch AstroCrafts, a new section of the AstroArt program, where she will publish ideas on how to make visually engaging crafts; towards the end ofApril, the AstroArt panel will address the topic of space art from the launch of the Sputnik to our times, the panel will include three members of the AstroArt team - Richard Clar, Daniela de Paulis, Matthew Whitehouse – and Roger Malina, professor of physics and arts and technologies at the University of Texas, Dallas. The AstroArt panel is endorsed by ITACCUS, the Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space.

All the events planned will emphasize the participation of online viewers through Q+A sessions, feedback, comments. The spirit of the GAM AstroArt program is that of better knowing ourselves, our planet, our universe and better knowing each others.

Check the full GAM AstroArt program.


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