For 6 years, I have worked on art projects inspired by space exploration and phenomena of the cosmos. This involves collaborating with scientists and often takes the form of installations and projects called laboratories. These are created for unusual sites under the auspices of Space Agency. This work started in 2007 whilst doing an MA in Glass at Sunderland University in the north east of England. Since then, I collaborated with scientists in the field of astrophysics and cosmology including doing a residency in 2010 at Durham University's Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, where I created the components for a Space-Time Laboratory, making quasi contraptions, artefacts and souvenirs from imagined 'off world travels'. These Space Agency artworks are often ironic and humorous. This exciting residency afforded me the opportunity to meet space shuttle astronauts and get them to draw pictures. I also visited the UK Dark Matter Laboratory in Boulby mine. Since then, I have participated in, and initiated space themed projects. I am a STEM Ambassador and this year I have become a Space Ambassador for ESERO-UK.

Schell rocketOver the last year, I have been working a project examining ideas about human colonisation of space, and in particular the Moon – Make It to the Moon. This was created whilst Maker in Residence at the Centre for Life. The project has included residencies, exhibitions, and children's workshops, and went to the Science Museum in London. As well as the education work, I created a series of artworks, Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon, which examines the myths, quasi facts and Moon hoax stories that exist around space exploration. Through a series of large paintings, I have created a space myth of my own: has a woman been to the Moon?

Over the next year, I will be working on 'Heavenly Bodies – The Human Space, to produce artworks that will reflect some on the issues of moving from this planet into space. This explores ideas about how the human body could survive in space in the context of colonisation. The project questions our ability to survive and thrive in the hostile environment of space. The aim is to work with experts, experimenting with ideas to create apparel and apparatus, which by using humour will investigate the effects of zero/micro gravity conditions, radiation, isolation, and biomedical circumstances. Can we live off planet Earth and develop colonies either on human-made or natural satellites? Is it realistic to think we can exist there for long periods and procreate in these regions? Is our compulsion for space exploration programmed into us being that we are made from stardust? This project has the potential to be developed in diverse ways, and now we are part of a new 21st century space-age, it causes great curiosity and debate, affecting our everyday life through personal digital technology.

Recently, I have worked on several projects with Durham University’s outreach departments, and in 2012 on a collaborative costume project, Undress: Redress. The aim of this was to create a programme of exhibitions and community workshops exploring Smart Materials and clever clothing by making experimental costumes. This brought together Durham University's NETPark outreach, Science Learning Centre NE, and Arts Centre Washington for display at the Newcastle Science Festival, and was short listed for the Culture Awards.


I designed and made 3 dramatic ball-gowns:

UN-Dress: This costume is a flamboyant ball-gown made from Monosol M8630, a PVOH thermoplastic film which dissolves in water. It is the same material that is used for dish washer capsules. There will be a filmed performance on 1st September at the Whitley Bay Film Festival of it dissolving and short film will be created.
Rocket Dress: This costume is made from dissolving thermoplastic and felt fabrics, with rocket imagery.
The Dazzle Dress: This is made from Hi Vis safety jackets which created a futuristic and unusual ball gown which is light reactive. This has been shown at the London Science Museum, Newcastle Maker Faire and Durham Cathedral.

Schell DazzleDresses

Solo Shows

  • 2013       Moon Rocket (Exhibition), Esero UK, Stemnet Centre, York University. UK
  • 2013       Observatory, (Very Large Book), images inspired by space exploration in the north east of England, Festival of the North East, Gateshead. UK
  • 2012       Undress: Redress, (Smart Costumes), Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Newcastle.
  • 2011       The 11th Dimension, (Glass Installation), NewBridge Open Studio, Newcastle. UK
  • 2010       Space-Time Laboratory, (Installation), Ogden Centre, Durham University. UK
  • 2010       Escape Velocity – Space Agency, NEFA, Stephenson Works, Newcastle. UK
  • 2009       The 11th Dimension, (Glass installation), Durham Cathedral. UK
  • 2009       Rocket Project2, (Drawings), Centre for Life, Newcastle, UK
  • 2009       I Make Time Machines, (Drawings), Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
  • 2009       Rocket Project - Escape Velocity, Aardman Animations Ltd, Bristol. UK
  • 2008       Escape Velocity (Installation & drawings), St Michael’s Church, Newcastle, UK

Schell untitled

Awards, Commissions, Residencies

  • 2013       Moon Rocket, (Residency & Exhibition), Drawn Together, WMF, Hexham Abbey & Durham Cathedral. Festival of the North East.
  • 2013       Space Agency, Space Diaries, (Residency). Gateshead Central Library, Festival of the North East. UK.
  • 2012       Institute of Physics Grant, NE Region for Celebrate Science, Durham. UK
  • 2012       Virion Screen Based Projections, Shopping Centres & Public Sites, Australia.
  • 2012       Make It to the Moon, Exhibition of Dazzle Dress & Workshops, Make It in GB, Science Museum, London, UK
  • 2012       Make It to the Moon, Artist/Maker in Residence, Centre for Life, Newcastle, UK
  • 2012       Undress: Redress, (Smart Materials Costume Commission), NETPark, Durham University, Science Learning Centre NE, Arts Centre Washington. UK.
  • 2011       Lunar Laboratory, (Residency), Meltdowns Studios, Ramsgate. UK
  • 2010       Space Agency, (Residency), Ogden Centre for Physics, Durham University. UK.

Educational Projects
2013 – First Woman on the Moon, Convention Newspaper Article. Trip to the Moon, Framwellgate School, Pity Me. 2012 – Humans in Space, Judge for NASA children's art competition, International Online Project. Celebrate Science, Durham.2012 – Make It to The Moon, Make It in GB, Science Museum, London. Gromit Workshop, Aardman outreach project. Northumberland. STEM Space & Smart Costume workshops for schools, North East region. Make It to The Moon, Centre for Life workshops, Newcastle. Costume workshops, Nifties & Remix, Arts Centre Washington.  2011 – Engineering Roadshow, 5 Derwentside Schools. Space School, Lunar Habitat Workshop, University of Kent. Big Bang Schools Science Competition, Project Judge, Durham New College.  Space ESERO UK, Centre for Life, Newcastle. Space-Time Laboratory, NETPark & Durham University at Science Festival, Newcastle. STEM Ambassador. Techno Roadshow Workshops, Stanley. 2010 – Engineering Road Show. DEA, Schools project, Derwentside.  

Forth Coming Projects – September 2013

  • Make it to the Moon, (Workshops). Young People’s Programme, British Science Festival, Newcastle. UK.
  • Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon. Solo Show at Vane, Newcastle. UK
  • UN-Dress. Performance and film, Whitley Bay Film Festival. UK
  • Revolutions. Group show for Canadian Space Society, Endeavor Arts Gallery, Calgary, Canada.
  • Fetes in Space, Find Exoplanets. Festival of Thrift, Darlington. UK

Artworks and further information online:

 Schell rocket2




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