Richard Clar Dolphin

Richard Clar, Spaceflight Dolphin sculpture/satellite - Illustration by Edgar Duncan1982

AstroArts will be celebrating its first year of activities in January 2014! On behalf of all AstroArts team and Astronomers Without Borders I would like to thank the artists who made this new program so interesting and innovative.

The AstroArts posts are valuable resources for both professionals and amateurs in the field of arts and astronomy. The artists featured in the program cover a wide range of media and forms, from the visual to the sound arts, making astronomy an even more inspiring topic.

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, Italian astronomer and musician, inaugurated the program with her posts in January 2013. She is a true pioneer of the music of the spheres for which she uses sound data of stellar activities, recorded by radio telescopes, incorporating the sounds in music compositions inspired by pop culture.

Yoshiuki Koinuma, Japanese visual artist, presented his visionary and surreal paintings inspired by astronomy and magic. His unique style is influenced by Renaissance art and Japanese manga.

Jasper Coppes, Dutch visual artist, is fascinated by the cultural and artistic manipulation of meteorites. He uses digital video, installation art and science technology to interact with the environment, its architecture and the sky.

Richard Clar, American artist, based in Paris, has presented his work as part of Global Astronomy Month 2013. He is one of the pioneers of experimental space art, he uses dolphin sounds, satellite technologies, 3D printing for conveying the cultural value of space exploration and its challenges for humanities.

Jon Lomberg, artist based in Hawaii, Design director for the Golden records and collaborator with Carl Sagan in the series 'Cosmos', has presented his work through a series of posts and interviews. Jon's work deals with universal Space and Time and has been viewed by millions all over the planet and possibly beyond.

Lomberg 3

Jon Lomberg, 'Galaxy Garden', Kona, Hawaii. Kite aerial photography by Heidy and PIerre Lesage

Helen Schell, British artist, is inspired by space exploration for the making of her large scale sculptures and installations, which have been exhibited internationally, both in science festivals and art galleries. Her skills extends from fashion design, textiles and glass work.

Jean Constant, French artist based in New Mexico, presented a series of mathematical objects set on a background of images from the planet Mars taken by the HIRISE experiment. 

Nicole Voltan, Italian artist, is inspired by astronomy, quantum physics and biology. She explores cosmic phenomena through installation art and combining cutting edge materials with traditional art making skills, such as sewing and water colour paint.

Jon Ramer, AstroArts collaborator and director of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), has edited a selection of astronomical artists who use painting as their main media, including artist and scientist William K. Hartmann, artists Chelsea Bonestell and David H. Hardy, who are only some of the IAAA members who use their skills both for creating art works and illustrating scientific contents for institutions and publications.

Every month the guest artist is invited to present her or his work as part of a Google Hangout, featuring live discussions by scientists and astronomy enthusiasts.

During Global Astronomy Month 2013 we presented online films screenings, panel discussions and Space recipes, created by Charles Bourlands, Apollo 11 food specialist.

As part of AstroArts we feature AstroCrafts, a very well received programme directed by artist, amateur astronomer and editor Kathleen Horner. Her creations invite to bring astronomy in the everyday life and can be used as educational tools as well as decorations.

I would like to invite you to further discover the work of these amazing international artists.

We are looking forward to host the second year of arts and culture in astronomy!


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