by Mirosław Wójcik, Poland

 MirosławWójcikSomewhereOutThere 800

Somewhere out there are
different worlds so close
or so incredibly distant

One day we’ll get
there or they’ll remain
beyond our reach forever

Somewhere out there, is
life we haven’t imagined
and should never see

Thousands of stars generate
the same amount of
amazingly dangerous, surprising mysteries

Maybe somewhere out there
„where dreams come true”**
mankind’ll once find itself. 

* Inspired by Deborah’s Cox and Jeremy’s Schonfeld „Somewhere out there” song performance.
** An American tail / "Somewhere out there"; music composed by: James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. This song was originally performed by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram as part of an original motion picture soundtrack released by MCA Records in 1986.

Mirosław Wójcik |  September 7, 2019 | Poland 

Here are the image details:
Wide-field view of the sky around the star 51 Pegasi
Credit: ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2




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