by Mirosław Wójcik, Poland

 MirosławWójcikSomedayontheSilverGlobe 800

Someday on the Silver Globe
the messengers from the Earth
set their feet to highlight
that they reached a primary
objective of a decisive mission

That was on July 21
1969 during the Cold War
and the Space race between
two antagonized superpowers strong enough
to destroy the blue world

However, on that memorable day,
when the Eagle was landing,
all kept their fingers crossed
forgetting about divisions caused by
the Iron Curtain different policies

Neil, Michael and Ed came
on the Silver Globe in
"peace for all mankind". This
way the famous, important "giant
leap" was made. At last

To think that five decades
have already passed since that
remarkable event - the crowning achievement.
Let's celebrate then, in 2019,
Apollo's round 50th anniversary worldwide!

Dedicated to all Apollo's staff:
astronauts, scientists, engineers
and their families

 Mirosław Wójcik |  August 11, 2019 | Poland

Image details:
Credit: NASA 


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