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The GAM AstroPeotry Contest this year had the most entries since the start of this competition three years ago - 255 poems from 19 different countries - truely international. Many of the younger poets were from India and Indonesia, while most of our adult entrants were from the US.  We were very lucky to receive so many well crafted and thoughtful poems that it was difficult to choose our 18 winners.

Chosen based on originality and how well it reflects AWB's vision, subjects ranged from children playing/pretending to be the solar system to the mystery of space.   Entries were judged in three categories, Adult, Young Adult (Grades 7-12), and Children (Grades 1-7) with first, second and third place winners, and three honourable mentions each.

Throughout the following year, we will be showcasing the winners in various social media, but you can read them all here in AWB's AstroPoetry Blog.  Thanks to all who entered!

And the winners are:

1st Place: “Children Form an Orrery, and All the Planets Collide,” by Christine Rueter, Maryland, USA.
2nd Place: “I Fly and Wonder,” by Fernanda Barbosa, Portugal.
3rd Place: “Contemplation of the Sublime,” by Arma Malik, Ontario, Canada.
Honorable Mention: “A Year of My Sky,” by Shreyas Gokhale, India
Honorable Mention: “Black Hole,” by Joanna Tilsley, London, UK
Honorable Mention: “Love Poem from a Star,” by Moira Doyle, California, USA

1st Place: “Cosmopoets,” by Elizabeth Gutierrez, Illinois, USA
2nd Place: “Oh Star, You that Play with the Moon,” by Francisco Josã, Portugal
3rd Place: “Pluto,” by Rachel Pribble, Oklahoma, USA
Honorable Mention: “The Sun, the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars,” by Sajal Aggarwal, India
Honorable Mention: “The Moon,” by Wendy Lie, Indonesia
Honorable Mention: “My Universe,” by Griselda, Indonesia

1st Place: “This Poem is About the Moon,” by Ananya Agarwal, India
2nd Place: “Sun and Planets and the Moon,” by Sara Kothari and Shiv Kanna, India
3rd Place: “We Are a Tiny Bit,” by Bhavia Tuli, India
Honorable Mention: “Mercury Is the Closest,” by Diva Dutta, India
Honorable Mention: “Mysterious Space,” by Linika, India
Honorable Mention: “In the Universe,” by Sitya Jatin and Ishani Suri, India