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May 09

Full Moon Perigee Observation and Lunar Photography

On 7th May 2020, I have witnessed the last Full Moon Perigee or famously known as the Supermoon of 2020 through my 4.5 Newtonian Equatorial telescope and captured the images of the Moon through the telescope. I have also labelled the Moon's surface based on the image. Read More...

May 01

Mobile Phone Astrophotography throughout April

These are collections of mobile astrophotography that I did throughout April: Picture 1: Waxing Crescent Moon and Venus Picture 2: Waxing Gibbous Moon Picture 3: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars Alignment Read More...

May 01

YouTube Education Channel to Raise Awareness About Stargazing and Our Night Sky to the Public

In conjunction to the Global Astronomy Month, I have personally started a YouTube channel t(Syahirah Stargazer) my knowledge about stargazing and raise awareness about the night sky to the public. So far I've made 10 main videos under the "Stargazer Vlogs" category and casual videos under the title "Startalk". Based on Stargazer Vlogs, I shared on how to stargaze and basic knowledge about the celestial events such as the Full Moon Perigee, Meteor Shower and planet watching. Meanwhile in Startalk videos I discussed about my personal top 10 objects to observe in the night sky as to give ideas to... Read More...