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May 01

YouTube Education Channel to Raise Awareness About Stargazing and Our Night Sky to the Public

In conjunction to the Global Astronomy Month, I have personally started a YouTube channel t(Syahirah Stargazer) my knowledge about stargazing and raise awareness about the night sky to the public. So far I've made 10 main videos under the "Stargazer Vlogs" category and casual videos under the title "Startalk". Based on Stargazer Vlogs, I shared on how to stargaze and basic knowledge about the celestial events such as the Full Moon Perigee, Meteor Shower and planet watching. Meanwhile in Startalk videos I discussed about my personal top 10 objects to observe in the night sky as to give ideas to... Read More...

Apr 30

A night when we Captured Uranus

by William Afonso

In better times before Covaid19 brought the world to a Standstill, a Dream came true on a Cool Night in the City of Mangalore, Karnataka State on the Western Coast of India. It was Feb 17 2020 when after a Patient search we Managed to Capture a Glimpse of the Closest Planet to the Sun not Visible via to Naked Eye - Uranus. The pale Blue planet was seen at about 40 Degrees West over the Horizon. The capture was done with a 6 inch Orion telescope and a Vivo Camera. Alongside me were two Wonderful Employees Ujjwal Chaturvedi and... Read More...

Apr 29

Report in Brazilian TV

by Marcelo de Oliveira Souza

Hi!!! Brazilian TV transmitted a report about the activities developed by our group, Louis Cruls Astronomy Cub, in this period of social isolation. This report inlude AWB project Beauty without Borders.    Read More...

Apr 28

IOAS Astrophilia

Astrophilia offers the global opportunity for people of all backgrounds and experience levels; Outreach professionals, educators, amateur and professional astronomers, and astronomy enthusiasts to participate in online astronomy activities who want to use astronomy to cope with the long times they spend indoors and connect online with their communities. Of a person transmitting his night sky view through a telescope at his window; capturing a celestial object; virtual meetings; doing fun activities at home; playing games like solving puzzles; measure knowledge by participating in online questionnaires; online astronomy challenges and express creative ideas about astronomy by quoting a poem, writing... Read More...

Apr 27

Conjunction of the Moon and Venus (April, 2020)

I participated in the global event called 'Beauty without borders - Global balcony photography of the Moon & Venus' and captured some of the moments of this celestial dance show of two planetary objects in the night sky. Read More...

Apr 27

Globe at Night (April, 2020)

I have participated and do contribution for measuring the light pollution in my local area which will be very useful for measuring the light pollution level and compare with overall the globe. Read More...

Apr 27

Online Program about Beauty without Borders

by Marcelo de Oliveira Souza

Special edition of the programa Um Passeio pelo Céu about the event Beauty without Borders Read More...

Apr 26

Astro Adventures of Registration to the Southern cruise.

After several weeks of rain and overcast weather in Goias stabilizes with the season announcing the arrival of winter and the drought provided us with a beautiful starry night. We left for 50km from our headquarters to the city of Aragoiania, an area of low light pollution where the team proceeded with observations and Astrophotographs. Read More...

Apr 22

Live program about Astronomy

by Marcelo de Oliveira Souza

Hi!!! The team of the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club have three times a week a live program about Astronomy and Astronautics in Facebook and YouTube. In April we are celebrating in the program the Global Month of Astronomy. AWB's National Contacts and the founder of AWB Mike Simmons already participate in the program. All the programs can be seen in our Facebook: Read More...

Apr 20

Hamadryas Arete Planetarium OnLine Session

A live session of the planetarium with the project Hamadryas Arete of IGTAC Gunstar team talking about the sky and cultural astronomy with an emphasis on asterisms and constellations, the official contactions of the IAU and on the cultural point of view of peoples and several other constellations among them those of Brazilian Indians. A live of images and sounds with a lot of didactic content in one of the projects that can revolutionize low-cost astronomy with domestic projectors from Sega enterprice in japan. Oficial Live shot: Mystic Montains. At the IGTAC Institute, we are providing free advice to... Read More...

Apr 20

La Palma Astrophotography 2018/2019

My Cosmic Photo Adventures La Palma During the last two years I have worked on an astro-landscape-photo documentary about La Palma with it's natural dark sky and impressive volcanic landscapes. It started with a naive »once in a lifetime« story that leaded up to my first Milky Way photography. However my story didn't end there but started to become a formative odyssey for me and my camera. In August 2018 I returned to the Canary Islands. Besides visits to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote I went to La Palma for many weeks - lived and worked near the capital Santa Cruz and... Read More...

Apr 18

Transmissão ao vivo no Instagram sobre astronomia e tecnologia.

O clube de astronomia e ciência M45 participou de um bate-papo na quinta-feria dia 16 de abril de 2020 mediado por nossos dois membros e professores da rede estadual de ensino, Naldo Moreira e Nasciso Guedes sobre astronomia e tecnologia com alunos e professores através da página Instagram da 14° coordenadoria regional de desenvolvimento educacional (cred) do estado do Ceará, foi um evento incrível, onde conseguimos atingir um público maior de entusiastas e iniciantes em astronomia, além de discutir como a tecnologia é incorporada no campo da astronomia. Read More...

Apr 18

Roadside Astronomy-Super Moon

Xuanyuan astronomical society held a roadside astronomy event in yinchuan, ningxia hui autonomous region, China on April 7, 2020. For this event, we prepared two 80/900 refracting telescopes for the public to see the supermoon. About 20 people attended the event and were well received. Through this activity not only the public, we also have a lot to gain. We will make persistent efforts to contribute to the popularization of astronomy. Read More...

Apr 18

Sidewalk Astronomy observes Venus

In China, the Corona Virus Disease 2019 has been effectively controlled (as of 24:00 on April 14th, in the mainland of China, a total of 77816 cases were discharged from the hospital, a total of 3342 deaths were reported, and a total of 82295 cases were reported. ). In the city where I live, 14 patients with Corona Virus Disease 2019 have been cured and discharged, and no new confirmed cases have been found after March 5. On the evening of April 15, clear weather appeared and roadside astronomical activities were carried out in the residential area. Use a small... Read More...

Apr 17

Imagining Black Holes Through Art

Hello! Myself Heena Bhatia, Senior Educator at SPACE India. SPACE India is celebrating Global Astronomy Month with full enthusiasm. As part of the celebrations, I conducted Imagining Black Holes Through Art activity for the students of Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka which is associated with Universe In The School Program of SPACE India. Students showed their creativity and presented black hole through art based on their imagination. It was indeed a fun activity and students enjoyed a lot! Read More...

Apr 16

Virtual meeting in Brazil during "Corona-GAM2020"

I was invited, to participate in a virtual meeting in Brazil, by Marcelo Souza (AWB-NC of Brazil and founder of Louis Cruls Astronomy Club). Surprisingly I hat todo the "main programm" ;-) I thought we have just a little discussion meeting but, my friend Marcelo decided,shortly before running this event, it would be great if I will give nearly a one hour presentation .... so I had to improvise .... actually I had nothing prepared for this ;-) so I talked about our local activities in Corona-times and therefore I presented our astronomy associations website "Kepler Sternwarte Linz" (Johannes Kepler... Read More...

Apr 16

Sharing observations during the COVID19 period

Because of the lack of careful physical contacts for this strange period, some of my friends ask me to share information about astronomy via the web. So I set up a special page in my web site for this very purpose. Here's the special link : Astronomy in Coronavirus time presentations If the presentations is set-up in the french language, YouTube allows you to request subtitles in your language. To ask that you just have to activate the "parameter" option. Sorry for the sometime "so-so" translation but hopefully you can follows my ideas. Clear and virus free sky Take care... Read More...

Apr 14

Global Astronomy Month 2020 Celebrations

As part of Global Astronomy Month celebrations, I in association with SPACE India organised and conducted various events and activities in which the students of different age groups participated with zeal and full enthusiasm. These inclue Astro Art Contest, Astro Poetry Contest, Selfie with Shukra Grah, Capture the Supermoon, Rendezvous with the sky, Astro model making and many more fun filled astronomy activities and observations. Not only students but their parents also contributed in GAM celebrations! Read More...

Apr 13

Starlink Reports em Goyaz

With the end of the rainy and cloud season in Goias, people had the opportunity to watch the constellation of artificial satellites from Star Link last Saturday, and of course due to the large number of objects and their brightness, many people have never before had visual contact with nothing like that which raised many questions and fear, and of course our role as scientific disseminators to help the media to calm people with information and the truth. The Gunstar Team provided explanations about the Star Links its objectives. Many were afraid of the starlinks colliding with aircraft with buildings... Read More...

Apr 13

Astronomy Day at Schools Live Reunion

Astronomy Day at Schools Live Reunion Presenting in a Super Live one of the projects for 10 years of the Gunstar Team Institute for Cultural Astronomy, the Day of Astronomy in Schools, a project idealized by the 100 Years of the International Astronomical Union that we embraced and we will perpetuate it as a definitive IGTAC project. The design and format for the main programs of the Gunstar Team * Planetarium Hamadryas Arete. * Itinerant Telescope with Star Shine for Everyone One Telescope * Meteoritic with diverse and real meteorite samples * MMS Meteor magnetic sticks in partnership with Bramon... Read More...

Apr 10

Supreme Adventures in the Hill of Beyond OnLine Reunião

During the quarantine in Goias, we from the IGTAC Gunstar team took our equipment to the most charming and traditional point of observation of the capital's moon, the Morro do Alem. Observation and live broadcast were made to the Gunstar media, a super event of the Global Astronomy 2020 month in Goias. Respecting the guidance of the representatives of Brazilian Astronomy, we avoid using pseudo-scientific terms such as pink moon, Super Moon as informed on Live if it is a full moon in Perigeu. Sources: On line shots: Vídeo shots: GAM2020 foto oficial: xts %5B0%5D=68.ARCt8SfeL8lDLFteDMNXGFooAL0Ua7BE6 PlG4SkwpUxLb1iCN-hb5JR8WHCrSOsZq51w4zRWqWnWMyijSe0ZRb-pnWOmGlXlfQLs6ui_uvbUWvgXQUMZJPwTPASo5W6Ij6XuQfnpxPwVcDCdxLhI7unqiptL_5nda3sH1WG7WI8Lcz5QTUHul3PhweHHFd2E2ACNPKHlS73laY_edMTGIQlhWF_8kA35MwTx3mWBvS1GHLBBZ-oLhE5w5GHlmDCGq... Read More...

Apr 10

SPACE INDIA - Now and more than ever: One People, One Sky

This April the activities of the GAM were online because of the COVID-19 pandemic in INDIA and across the world. SPACE INDIA conducted online events with the amateur astronomer where activities like ASTRO ART, ASTRO POETRY, and CAPTURING THE SUPER MOON were some to name. Students were very enthusiastic to draw wright and click the pictures of the moon and see the sky in the dark and belief in One People One Sky. Read More...

Apr 07

Are Satellites Threatening Our Night Skies?

John Green once said “the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.” This is something that the astronomical community understand all too well as observations require clear dark skies to be able to make out the faintest details. For years the community has dealt with the problem of light pollution resulting from excessive lighting and improperly directed light fixtures. This is a problem that affects not only the astronomy community but multiple other aspects such as the environment and human health. Aside from light pollution our dark skies maybe threatened by an additional problem. Recently there has been concern over the... Read More...

Apr 05

April 2020 in Spain

Hello every body !! This April the activities of the GAM are being diminished by the Covid-19 pandemic and in Spain the astronomical associations are also diminished in activities. Here we have a saying: "There is no harm that does not come for good" and that is why we resort to online methods to organize activities that arise as the days go by. For this reason, associations do not have a fixed schedule and we are doing as ideas arise. On the Twitter of AWB of Spain I am putting the activities of the associations that promote their activities online,... Read More...

Apr 05

Venus e Pleiades Astro Adventures On Line.

Nos dias 3 e 4 de abril, uma bela conjunção nos céus do Brasil. Um super show entre o planeta Vênus e as Plêiades. Nossa equipe de atiradores da IGTAC foi a uma estrela remota para gravar a conjunção e praticar astrofotografia, sem aglomerar pessoas, mas transmitir ao grande público Gunstar. GAM2020 Oficial All Photos : On Line Video Shot : On Line Video Shot : On Line Video Shot : During the 3rd and 4th of April a beautiful conjunction in the skies of Brazil. A super show between the planet venus and pleiades. Our... Read More...