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Mar 24

Science at a village school

Located in a city in eastern Turkey (Sanliurfa city) we have organized a science fair. There were a few hundred children in this school and we practiced various science workshops. Science and astronomy workshops. We went there with 22 volunteer students and we stayed for 3 days. You can watch the details on the video below. Science Fast Video Read More...

Mar 18

BRAMON and E.M. Francisco Diniz - Luminárias-MG

On 09/03/2018 I was at the Municipal School Francisco Diniz at the request of two teachers of the 4th year of Elementary School to talk about Astronomy and the BRAMON-Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, a network that I have been part of since 2016 operating the CMS1- MG in Luminárias, state of Minas Gerais and also publicizing our work in schools and colleges looking for more stations. During the classes, which were held in the morning and afternoon shift with duration of 1h 30m each, topics such as the Universe, Solar System and Celestial Bodies were addressed. The development of the... Read More...

Mar 05

Faces of Philippine Astronomy

For the past two months, I, together with the Judenite's Astronomical Organization (an organization that I have found), organized a talk entitled the “Faces of Philippine Astronomy,” wherein we will feature famous astronomers, physicists, and astrophysicists here in the Philippines, to talk about their career in their fields (LO3). The speakers for this event are Dr. Perico Esguerra, Dr. Reinabelle Reyes, Dr. Rogel Sese, Engineer Camilo Dacanay, and Professor Norman Marigza. The event happened on January 13, 2018, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Father Peter Yang Hall of Saint Jude Catholic School. Dr. Perry proceeded to talk... Read More...

Mar 05

2017 Space Quiz

In celebration of the World Space Week 2017, the Bedan Society of Young Astronomers (BSYA), a senior high school organization of San Beda Manila, in collaboration with the Judenite's Astronomical Organization (JAO), a senior high school and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) organization of Saint Jude Catholic School, hosted a Space Quiz Friendly Competition which is aimed at Senior High School Students based on themes around space science and astronomy, with a special emphasis on space exploration. The culminating activity for this event is a free telescope viewing, courtesy of the Manila Street Astronomer (MSA). The objective of the competition... Read More...

Mar 04

2018/08 group meeting-stargazing

Astronomy amateurs club "Pulsaras" meeting and observation night.We have 34 members,so everyone within the club and guests are welcome to come on 2018 august (exactly day,based on availability) will be provided later. The coordinates is 55° 7' 35.98", 22° 56' 54.27" (WGS) Read More...

Feb 12


Every 15th of each Month, except in April, the Serbian AWB organize a small quiz with 10 questions with one of the astronomy themes. On 15th January 2018, was the 20th Quiz, this time with the theme: "Galaxies". We had 44 participants. Each of them gets an e-book on astronomy as a gift. Read More...

Feb 07

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018

Hi, fellows of Cyberspace, today I want to share with you my photos, videos and the experience of seeing a Moon that has taken 150 years for all the following conditions to combine: Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 and during an Eclipse, as you can see the Moon has been very busy. I ask for your forgiveness because the quality leaves much to be desired, the cameras are not the best and I have had to fight against the wind and the clouds, but it allows you to get an idea of how it was. The part that I liked... Read More...

Jan 31

Blue Blood Supermoon Eclipse

Shot this morning from Whitewater, California (funny, it doesn't look bluish) Read More...

Jan 15

The first Austrian Space Ball

This weekend 13.01.2018 - 14.01.2018 the first Austrian Space Ball happened. This extraordinary ball – the first Austrian Space Ball, a glittering ball night as well as a close look into space, at the magnificent “Palais Niederoesterreich” in the heart of Vienna, was organized by the Austrian Space Forum , celebrating their 20th anniversary. This event offered a comfortable plattform for space science, where research facilities could meet space industry. I had the honor & pleasure to be one of the members of the honorary committee, where I represented the sector of astronomy. Honorary committee members Christian Brünner Space lawyer... Read More...

Jan 11


Every 15th of each Month, except in April, the Serbian AWB organizes a small quiz with 10 questions with one of the astronomy themes. In this e-book are all questions and answers from quizzes in 2017. E-book is a small gift for all active members of Astronomy without borders - Serbia and other interested people. It´s written in Serbian language, and it´s free for download here: Ro7YixTMs0QXCRKE4r4 Read More...

Dec 05

"In Flight Call" to ISS at AEC-Linz

Following a short report and some images from yesterday's event at Ars Electronica Center (AEC) Linz / AUSTRIA AEC is collaborating directly with ESA (European Space Agency) and holds the role beeing an official european-space-education-ressource-office called ESERO. I reported about that already last year. On Monday 4 December, teachers and students from the Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, and Italy have been connected live by video connection with ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, currently living and working on the International Space Station (ISS). Teachers and students have been asking questions directly to Paolo Nespoli about the challenges and adventures of living in... Read More...

Nov 24

Brazilian Astronomy Day - Dia nacional da Astronomia.

In celebration of the National Astronomy Day, clubs, observatories, planetariums and various institutions in Brazil organize events to celebrate the date and in Goias, the Gunstar team will hold a Super Events of Culture and Astronomy that is held every year entitled Adventure of the Golden Record's, which in free translation is the adventures of the golden discs, the golden discs sent with the Voyager Sonda, are 2 gold-plated copper discs with information about the human species location of our planet in the solar system, on our German cultures and species of various sounds in different languages, its founder the... Read More...

Nov 02

The Jovian System

The Jovian System is oil paint on board. Jupiter and its 69 moons are painted to scale with eachother. The equatorial diameter of Jupiter is 46 inches. This is part of a larger project that includes the enitre solar system to scale with each other. Daniel D Stine Read More...

Oct 24

International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) 2017

Este próximo Sábado 28 de Octubre se celebró la Noche Internacional de la Observación a La Luna, un evento promovido por el Equipo de Educación y Comunicación de la sonda LRO de la NASA. Esta actividad se realiza desde 2010 y se hace con la intención de dar a conocer con más profundidad nuestro satélite natural, La Luna. En la web oficial del evento ( ) tenéis más detalles del evento y del participar, además de conocer todos los lugares del mundo donde se celebra. Únete y comparte la experiencia !!! Este sábado, 28 de octubre, se celebra la... Read More...

Oct 18


Every 15th of each Month, except in April, the Serbian AWB organize a small quiz with 10 questions with one of the astronomy themes. On 15th October was the Quiz with the theme: "MARS". We hat 33 participants. Each of them gets an e-book on astronomy as a gift. Read More...

Oct 01

Under the Stars

Last September 29, the journalism students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – College of Communication brought together astronomy enthusiasts from around the university and the general public to attend a lecture and stargazing event. The program was a fund-raising activity for the iCommunicate 13: Alpas, which is the developmental collegiate magazine of the College of Communication. Alpas in the Filipino language means to break free, and in the same essence the group seeks to break free from the usual and typical stereotype, surpassing all challenges and soaring high to reach the peak of excellence. The group coordinated with... Read More...

Sep 27

Rasht' Black - hole story seminar

on 6 Sep in Rasht, The rasht astronomy society which holded by govermnets invited all of the astronomy lover in this day, in Rasht we have Ahmad Alasti and Rashid Rah, Erfan ashkanpour to introducing the black hole for 230 member of the astronomy lover. they are very intrested to join in ICAP and as gift, all of the personals may be can join free for ICAP Read More...

Sep 16


Every 15th of the month, exept in April, the Serbian AWB organize quiz with 10 questios with different astronomy themes. This time we had theme: "Mission Cassini". We hat 53 Participants. Each of them gets an e-book on astronomy as a gift. Read More...

Sep 04

6 years old training session

Today our department members had a traning session to obtain more accuracy to learn averaged 6 years old children. Our main goal was to learn Solar system and rotation of planets around the Sun, formation of Solar system and some poems about the planets. The other issue was the happening of day and night using some baloons and balls. At the end of session we watched a cartoon which was about formation of Solar system which made of by our group two years ago. Read More...

Aug 25

"We Are Planetary" Textile Art Exhibition

Hailing from a tiny pixel of Earth in Scotland, I have now lived in Fernie, BC, Canada for the past 8 years. I have been a fibre and textile nerd since she was a child, and only mildly obsessed with felting for the past 15 or so years. I owe so much of my knowledge to some very inspiring and encouraging members of the Fernie Spinners and Weavers Guild. “We Are Planetary” is my first terrifying solo exhibition. As an amateur astronomer, and having a very non-scientific mind, I find that artistic expression is a very effective way to begin... Read More...

Aug 04

Solar eclipse poem English/German, Solar Eclipse German Sonnenfinsternis Appreviated Sofi

English, IF Hopefully Clear & i Can see solar eclipse at St Joe, There's No Danger of Tears, But songs & Cappuccino. German, Wenn Hoffentlich Kaine Wolken ausdehnen & ich kann sehenSofi in St Joe, Dann, Keine Gefahr von Traenen, Sondern Lieder & Cappuccino. Read More...

Jul 30

A Huge Surprise!

I thought I knew all about solar eclipses. After all, I was the expert astronomer people were asking about what to expect at the first total solar eclipse in the US in 61 years. It was 1979 and I was working at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, a very popular public observatory and planetarium, operating the Zeiss 12-inch refractor for the public. The eclipse was in the news and there was a lot of interest. So I told them all about what to expect how the Sun's corona, usually hidden from view by the glare of the solar... Read More...

Jul 18

Glitter Festival 2017 - Year of Cultural Astronomy.

Every year in August at the winter algee here in Goias, the Gunstar team holds the Glitter Festival and an astronomical cultural celebration to our Milky Way in the region of the constellation of scorpion plus a milder climate and no rainfall the best Days for observational astronomy in Goias, we consider this festival a kind of copy of the global month of Astronomy, but in April the rainy weather and clouds make it very difficult and we call the regional festival of Astronomy (copy of the month Global Astronomy) Clube celebrates 4 years of cultural partnership with the wonderful... Read More...

Jul 18

Goiania the city of the world with greater participation in Asteroid Day 2017

Our organization Gunstar in the figure of our president Clayton Gubio dos Santos participated as regional coordinator of Asteroid Day Brazil. Coordinating the West Center formed by 3 states many larger than several European countries in size, seriousness with which we participate in the wonderful global month of Astronomy. Goiania had in average 25 events in which Gunstar elaborated and executed 24 of them. We count on the valuable help of the Cecilia Payne Astronomy Club of the Campos of the federal university of Goias in Special Physics course. In addition to being the main city in the world which... Read More...

Jul 18

Gunstar Team HeadQuarters in Goiania

The gunstar team opens its physical headquarters to better serve the space public and give support and seriousness to the activities of the club. We will also represent astronomies without borders here in order to facilitate giving greater support and seriousness to the work of our organization Read More...