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Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center (BARC) is going to organize an event on “Live Talk on Stellar Evolution.” This event is jointly organized by “Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center (BARC) and Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers.” This is the very first international collaboration between them. This live talk will be available on the official Facebook Page. The event will be held on June 8, 2020.

Event Time: 7pm (BD Time)

                       1pm GMT

                       3pm CEST

Bangladesh Astronomy Research Center is trying to spread astronomy all over Bangladesh. Their motto is to spread astronomy and create a strong astro community within the country and provide a common platform for all astronomy enthusiasts people. Their vital motto is to make a strong astronomy research field in their country.

To join the live talk, do registration at first. All the links are given below:

Event Link:

Registration Form:

Official Facebook Page:

Official Website:



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