Michel Deconinck


Because of the lack of careful physical contacts for this strange period, some of my friends ask me to share information about astronomy via the web.

So I set up a special page in my web site for this very purpose.

Here's the special link : Astronomy in Coronavirus time presentations

If the presentations is set-up in the french language, YouTube allows you to request subtitles in your language.  To ask that you just have to activate the "parameter" option.  Sorry for the sometime "so-so" translation but hopefully you can follows my ideas.

Clear and virus free sky

Take care of yourself



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    About Me

    I observe the sky since the 70’s. I'm active in sketching astronomical objects using mainly watercolor technics. As engineer in nuclear science and with a solid background in astrophysics, I like the scientific participation in astronomy, such as : variables stars estimations, following sun activity daily, sketching planets evolutions as clouds of Venus, sketching comets, pointing meteors, etc... But above all that, I like to share my observations with the public as well as with young teenagers. In my backyard, I own a small very active observatory: Aquarellia where only visual observations are performed.


    Location:Artignosc-sur-Verdon, Var
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