To celebrate the Global Astronomy Month (GAM) and also the Moon Landing Anniversary, Nalanda College Astronomical Society (NCAS) and Nalanda College Alumni Astronomical Society (NCAAS) conducted a night sky observation camp for students from grade 6 to 11 at Lumbini College, Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is the 350th night sky observation camp conducted by NCAS and NCAAS. We shared our astronomical knowledge with participants by giving talks on different fields of astronomy with greater emphasis on the value of dark skies and how to reduce light pollution. Astronomical booklets were handed over to the students, which was a successful BIG project run by AWB. We also show them mars, saturn, jupiter, venus and some deep sky objects. There was a special lecture about Moon and also a moon mapping session. There were activities to motivate them throughout the night. We gave them the oppurtunity to make their own water rockets and launch them.

indoor lectures and giving bookletsoutdoor lectureslaunching water rockets


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