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My name is Mike Young.  I am a member of the San Antonio Astronomical Association.  I am very active with Daneille in our outreach activities.  I have the Celestron NexYZ Smartphone Adapter you graciously donated to us.  She asked me to evaluate and learn to use it because I have a high level of technical expertise.  I have an Orion #5347 Smartphone Adapter which I have found to be somewhat cumbersome to use. So I was excited to try the Celestron adapter.  I have a Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope.
  Our weather here in San Antonio has been really bad for star gazing for the past two months. One of our premier public events is Astronomy in the Park on Wednesday nights. From August 22 until October 3, every event was canceled due to adverse weather.  October 3 was my first opportunity to use the NexYZ at a public event.  I also used it at Guadalupe River State Park on October 13.  I had hoped to use it tonight at an outreach at Government Canyon State Park.  Again we had to cancel due to overcast sky.  Bummer.
  Anyway, after using it myself and at two public events, I can say that Celestron really has its act together with this Smartphone Adapter.  I found it quite easy to use it with different cell phones with different camera lens locations.  I made several people happy with their photos of the Moon and planets.  It was fun to be able to provide this service.
  It was also a good learning experience for me. There was one phone which I could not get to work.  I just could not get an image through the eyepiece.  It turned out that this person had an attachment on the back of her phone for using a car mount.  This caused the phone to be crooked in the Adapter and sit at an angle to the eyepiece. So the camera was pointed at the side of the eyepiece rather than looking through it.
  I rarely miss going to our Wednesday nights at the park and going to state parks. So I will probably be the main person to keep and use this adapter.  And use it, I will.
  The attached photo was taken October 3 at our Wednesday Night at the Park.  This is the very first visitor to use the adapter - that is my telescope.  The two men in the background are SAAA members.
  Thank you for your donation of this NexYZ
Mike Young




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  • 22 October 2018
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