Exhibition of astrophotography 

From 01 to 05 May 2018 I  exhibition of astrophotography where we opened space for people for knowing this kind of photography and appearing  the beauty of the night sky 

the exhibition compose 27 photographs  in different  sides of  sky and for example startrails . Milky way . crescent . planets . this exhibition started 01 and Continue to 5 May. 

this photos token from Algeria desert where the light pollution is so low. and the landscape so amazing 

the Visitors were impressed of this new photography and the beauty of the sky milky ... and we explained the lot of steps for taking like this photos.







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    Hi All My prefer activities In astronomy Is Astrophotography I like I use my camera to appear the beuty of the sky and landscape. Hope spend useful times in this site Thanks member and team work this site


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