Last night AOYA star party and casual observation session sponsored by Shakespeare's & Co. Erbil.

During this event, both kids and grown ups have enjoyed and appreciated the thorough look at many of the lunar features in incredible details and clarity. Also Shakespeare's & Co. valued guests were rewarded with a further look at Jupiter with all its glory surrounded by 4 of its brightest moons, followed by observing the beautiful ringed planet Saturn.

To many of the guests, this was their ever first experience which hopefully will bring the best of their interest in Astronomy, and that's exactly AOYA's prime goal.


Eyad / Founder
AOYA [Association Of young astronomy] in KRG, Iraq

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    AWB Coordinator for the Kurdistan Region - Northern Iraq with Niga Mahmood Hasan. We are living for one goal; to educate school kids and the public in the Kurdistan Region (northern Iraq) of Astronomy and related sciences to help them better understand and appreciate the world around them. We believe this vital knowledge will further implant the spirit of accepting differences (religions, politics, social and cultural) among the youth and grown up people of this region.


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