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Our annual astrocamp was held on 15-16Apr 2017 in celebrating GAM. This camp attracted nearly 100 participants in a wide range of ages (from kids to adults).

Location: Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Natural Reserve- Xuyen Moc District- Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam


1. Skytour (observing the night sky, celestial objects, planets, Moon, asterism and constellations).

 2. Water rocket launch

3. Solar observation

4. Games with astronomical test 

It's a change for newcomers to observe the night sky via optical instruments, to enjoy the whole starry night with our members in the Ho Chi Minh City Amateur Astronomy Club (HAAC).

It guided participants in navigating directions via constellations and Moon, clarifying the difference between star and planet.

Finally, participants totally understood about the light pollution.17904089 10212713389571463 5360811213442521780 nA4417862340 1261503610613614 5092741025301118359 n17884301 10210569392004655 3241577913722255148 ncvb117903580 1261504037280238 2166828544783273126 n17884516 10154714282173090 3620156692057350783 n17904337 1261504500613525 296967924611317999 n17904337 1261504500613525 296967924611317999 n17951831 10207234387418141 4802459686836754965 n17953010 10154714282368090 3974473589392583893 n17992252 10210569391724648 6568294433728516111 nA2A3A5A6a8a10a12a11


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