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On april 1st, I left for Brussels (instead of Ramillies where the Day of astronomy was cancelled due to bad weather and no plan B possibilities). In Brussels, in a school with the club Latitude 5050. We were inside a classroom. Two members made conferences (Jean about what's in the solar system, the other (Thierry) about incredible or less incredible (true or fake)  things about the Universe. Then, Jacques came to tell us that it was clear outside, the Moon was visible....I got binoculars (stabilizing) out of the car trunk and shared the western view (the Moon, the Pleiades, Orion) with the public..The weather had improved after sunset. We were about a small thirtysome members and public, present..Some pictures.



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    Born in Belgium in 1957 (from a Belgian father and an American mother). Here, everything seems a lot more complicated: more taxes, more government, more languages, more people per square kilometer or mile, more light pollution, but, nevertheless, as much passion for things going on up there, naturally or man made. This was thanks to the first time I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey back in 1968, followed by the promises of the Moon. One weakness was my dislike for maths, which led to human science studies (law and a specialization in insurance). I've been working since 1982 in the...


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