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Less than 4 days until the annular eclipse in Patagonia! And I have some new developments as we prepare for this special occasion.

First, I am happy to announce that we have received all 2,000 eclipse glasses sent by AWB and the generosity of many donors through Fiat Physica. Our gratitude is extended to RainbowSymphony for supplementing many hundreds of pairs to those obtained through crowdfunding.

Half of them are in the city of Esquel (in the Western side of the province of Chubut), and the other half are in Trelew (in the Eastern shore). From each city, they will be sent to various eclipses observation sites to be given to children
attending the events.

Second, our preparations, here in Trelew, are advancing at a good pace. Members of the Fundacion Amigos de la Astronomia are working hard to prepare telescopes and exhibits. We will also offer public talks on friday and saturday afternoons. Children attending those talks with their parents will also be given a pair of glasses.

The city of Camarones is also busy with preparations as they expect an unusual number of visitors this weekend. I am told that there even be a tourist desk for those interested in visiting the local attractions, including a visit to Cabo Dos Bahías, a natural reserve with a large penguin colony.

Weather? Well, Patagonian weather tends to be hard to predict at times. So far, we are expecting a partly cloudy sky (hope it is not worse than that!), moderate north-east winds, and temperatures in the 60s (15-20 Celsius), which is chilly for the season.

Photo: this couple stands close to the plaza where the eclipse observations will take place, in Camarones (Chubut, Argentina). From here, we appreciate the small dock devoted mostly to fishing ships.

Another update coming up soon. Stay tuned!



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