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Children of Patagonia (Argentina) will have the chance of a lifetime, as the AWB campaign to provide them with solar glasses continues. As of this writing, 336 glasses have been secured thanks to 13 generous donations.

Only 3 days to close!

The annular eclipse will be visible across a narrow ban crossing Chubut province, next Sunday 26th. Public observations will be conducted in several cities, including Camarones and Facundo, which are the only ones where the eclipse will be fully seen.

Each child, accompanied by a parent, will be given a free pair of glasses and our volunteers will explain how to use them safely.

Why is this a unique chance?

The next solar eclipse visible from these small, rural towns will be in 2048. Most people do not travel to watch an eclipse, unless of course, this experience develops into a vocation or a strong interest in Astronomy. And that is our ultimate goal: if one child from rural Patagonia becomes inspired to study science or become an amateur astronomer, the effort would have been a great success.

Even one dollar helps! Please enter here to donate...

Fiat Physica (secure site)


Los Cipreses

As I write this, I am also preparing a talk for the residents of Camarones next Wednesday 15th. This is intended to help them prepare for the eclipse, and be ready to be hosts to this important event. I will tell them, of course, about this effort from the world community for them. So they also know that we are one people under one beautiful, always surprising sky.

Photo: that's me in the white shirt, during a farm festival in western Chubut, Argentina, a few years ago. I was showing this family a distant hill through the telescope while waiting for the stars to show up. The only one who was not thrilled by the experience was... the dog.



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