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From the most successful program of AWB the BIG PROJECT and the Fiat Physica campaign, now AstroFest in Kosovo will receive three "One Sky" Telescopes.

After being assigned as a National Coordinator for Kosovo this year, since then me and my team have done a wonderful job promoting and publicizing the AWB programs to our community in Kosovo and all the people who love science and astronomy. Thankfully this time AstroFest in Kosovo benefited from the AWB - BIG PROJECT.

Astronomy Club of Kosovo, was so privileged to benefit this year from the AWB Crowdfunding Campaign, a successful BIG campaign on Fiat Physica. A great thank you for those that helped make a change in Kosovo. It's a donation from the whole Astronomers Without Borders global community. We received 4 ONE SKY TELESCOPES, in Kosovo being the first of its kind in Kosovo and the region. The shipping was made possible for free to arrive here by some US, close friends that come to visit Kosovo every year for educational purposes.

After receiving this donation we encouraged other groups in Kosovo to apply to this Crowdfunding Campaign and benefit from it.
Thanks to Karen Jay for fully supporting AstroFest, this small organization will be doing some BIG work. As part of the AWB's BIG campaign, AstroFest will now have additional telescopes to have outreach programs in local Kosovo towns and at our annual AstroFest in August. Congratulations!

In behalf of my name and the AstroFest team we want to thank the whole AWB community for supporting. With three more telescopes, AstroFest can reach more people and bring the wonders of the night sky to small towns near Kosovo.

 AstroFest 2015 - Prizren, Kosovo
For more photos, please visit:
AstroFest - 2015 Photo Album


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