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20 - 21 August 2016
Attached you will find some photos of the last camp organized in the collaborating with Exploring (Hiking Trips). We had a chance to represent AWB and use the ONE SKY telescopes during our camp. A super night by observing celestial bodies with telescopes and the next day a top super walking at Skarpa 2474 meters altitude.

On the night of August 20 the second edition of the festival of astronomy AstroFest was held but this time in the form of astronomy camp. The camp was organized in cooperation with the mountaineering club Exploring and in collaboration with Astronomy Club of Kosovo.

The camp was organized in the Sharr mountains, at an altitude of 1800 m, where amateur and professional astronomers from all over Kosovo, as well as interested citizens had the opportunity to observe celestial bodies through telescopes, while photographers have competed for the best picture of astrophotography.

Special thanks goes to Premier-H and the who supported us in 2016 AstroFest activity.


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