Mars Faces

Compilation of several catches of planet Mars from Caguas, Puerto Rico. In this picture you can see several changes as the definition of the polar caps and cloud cover due to rotation and climate changes of the red planet

It is remarkable to see the region of Tharsis and Olympus Mons covered with a cloud. Major Sytris regions, Arabia and Aeria and the great desert Amazonis largely dominates these catches. For these photos, a view of the sky dome fairly clean of dust and haze is required. A larger telescope 8 "opening for the resolution of the object and a planetary camera which can capture video from about 2 to 3 minutes.

It is important to use a word processing program for registration and stacking for the sharpness of the product you want to search. A program like Registax is advisable to stop these tasks in the processing aspect planets.


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