On the occasion of the Global Astronomy Week, Astronomy and Astrophysics Association of University of Kurdistan (NAK) invited Thunderbolts Project – Persian Division to speak about Plasma Cosmology Model and The Electric Universe Theory. On Saturday, May 07, 2016, 2 to 4 pm, scientific seminar entitled “Introduction to Plasma Cosmology and Electric Universe Theory” was held in the Faculty of Science, University of Kurdistan.

Well attendance by students and professors of physics department was encouraged by Persian Division. Dr. K. Karami, professor at astrophysics and cosmology and Dr. B. M. Kalami, assistant professor at theoretical physics, cosmology of Faculty of Science, physics department were took part in the seminar.

Executive management of seminar was Soroush Soleimani, head of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Association of University of Kurdistan (NAK) and Farzin Hosseini, member of Thunderbolts Project – Persian Division was speaker of seminar. Farzin introduce history and fundamental topics of Big Bang Cosmology. Then explain about plasma cosmology model, plasma lens effect and Z-pinch effect and also interpret Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrenceville Laboratory and Toyama university experiments about simulations of spiral galaxy formation with plasmoids. At last Farzin introduce SAFIRE project and electric model of stars.

In the end, students and professors asked many questions that Farzin answers them from the perspective of plasma cosmology. this event was hold on during International Astronomy week.









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