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We had a terrible bad weather here in Provence, this is really not common for the saison. 

At first we visit 4 class of the school of the village of Riez-la-Romaine. We can show them the phenomenon via the SIDC (Solar Influence Data Center) internet site, then we can show nice satellite views in real time.  One hundred students were happy to receive answers to an astronomical number of questions.  The main message from us was that this kind of transit is used with other stars, by the professionals, to find exoplanets.  They like that!


After the school we had a public session in a showroom, some telescopes were set-up outside, near the door but unsuccefuly.

In the room we explained the transit in realtime via the same SIDC website and with a poster dedicated to the sun's phenomenon, only made with our own watercolors. 


For the small kids Jannik Roosens came with a "Kamishibaï" a sort of small theater issued from the Japan culture with witch she explained what for a planet is Mercury to the young visitors. 

IMGP4939 l

In this room we had 50 visitors.  We give them all a certificate with the logo AWB as a souvenir of the event.

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Clear sky to you all!

Michel Deconinck - AQUARELLIA


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    I observe the sky since the 70’s. I'm active in sketching astronomical objects using mainly watercolor technics. As engineer in nuclear science and with a solid background in astrophysics, I like the scientific participation in astronomy, such as : variables stars estimations, following sun activity daily, sketching planets evolutions as clouds of Venus, sketching comets, pointing meteors, etc... But above all that, I like to share my observations with the public as well as with young teenagers. In my backyard, I own a small very active observatory: Aquarellia where only visual observations are performed.


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