foto 11Amateur  Astronomers of León, Nicaragua (ASAFILE), were giving  a talk to teachers of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of UNAN-Leon.

The talk was about how to use the free astronomy software: Stellarium, how can be download it and how they can use it to strength their capacities.  ASAFILE members encouraged to teachers  to add this software to their lap tops, get related with it and use it for future activities in accordance with their lesson plans. 

Afterward,  members went to the parking lot and observed Moon in quarter phase and Jupiter with the only one telescope of the University. It was also explained how to use the telescope.

Finally, it was told to teachers about the importance of using Stellarium in order to identify stellar objects and then use this info to observe them with the telescope. Their students would be the greatest benefited with activities or events like this.

By Emilio Zuniga



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