AOYA [Association Of Young Astronomers] in Erbil, KRG (Northern Iraq) gathers school kids regularily to teach them the fundemental basics of Astronomy. AOYA usually arranges night time observation sessions too.

This image of the Great Nebula in Orion; Messier 42 was shot through Celestron Nexstar 8" SE and a Canon DSLR camera in a 20 second exposure by our members a few weeks ago.


We're poor in resources however but we do have the passion to further increase the awareness of the importance of Astronomy among the humble people of Kurdistan.

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    About Me

    We are living for one goal; to educate school kids and the public in the Kurdistan Region (northern Iraq) of Astronomy and related sciences to help them better understand and appreciate the world around them. We believe this vital knowledge will further implant the spirit of accepting differences (religions, politics, social and cultural) among the youth and grown up people.of this region.


    Location:Arbil, Arbil
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