From the Oort cloud on a path taken millions of years ago, today it can be displayed at its closest point to Earth the comet C / 2013 US10, also known as "Catherine".
Among the Big Dipper and Polaris (North Star), at a distance of 110 million kilometers from Earth, Catherine comes from a region on the outskirts of the solar system called the Oort cloud, which is an area where it was the "rubble" (hundreds of millions of these objects) of the formation of the solar system; their interaction with one of those stars his career might have originated.
This comet may still be visible for two more weeks, but then go away from Earth, closer to the Sun and keep track of, so this weekend will be the right time for it can be seen with binoculars and a small telescope . Pictured captured by Fernando Roquel Torres Astrophotographer can observe the comet close to Messier 101 galaxy in the lower left part of the constellation Ursa Major.


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