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Once is not custom, but in South-East France we had a quite bad weather during the first time of this event, so a lot of the astro fellows decline the session, maybe too early.

Anyway we had a triple program and achieve it:

-         making some timelapse of the full event,

-         crater timings sought were requested so make timings when the edge of the umbra crosses lunar markings,

-         and making watercolours of the general atmosphere in a nice landscape.

For the first part, Antoine Altura was connected remotely with Michel Sarrau of the Brax observatory (near Agen, so South-West) to achieve their first time-lapse:

Brax Observatory time-lapse

For the second part we recorded accurately the time of 5 craters umbra passage and report them to Roger Sinnott for Sky and Telescope for publication.

Here's the watercolour result :

Moon eclipse on the Verdon Canyon

The observation site was on Verdon Canyon entrance: here it's like another planet !

The watercolor through the eyepiece view, just 3 minutes before the totality end, and 1 minute after the clouds give us finaly some clear view !

2015 Moon eclipse watercolor

Clear sky to you all!


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