Unintentionally, due to some connecting problems, our activities during GAM 2015 were only visible on FB Astrobotic Club id and locally among pupils.

This year GAM schedule was:

1. Solar Eclipse - observation session with 2 Newtonian telescopes and a lot of Solar visual filters for all pupils of our school and anyone passing by.

2. Night Sky , visual, binocular and telescope skygazing - weekly sessions if weather allowes.

3. Preparation of CNC team of olympic pupils that are going to participate at ONAA 2015

4. Earth Hour 2015

5. "Meet an astronomer" - 28 April 2015

All activities involved more than 300 pupils, teachers, parents and guests.

Photos can be found on  www.facebook.com/262090093826986/photos


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  • 02 July 2015
    There are some problems posting reports that I stumbled on last year and I see now that are solved, even if I experienced difficulties posting report till the end of May. Well, , we did our work year after year for our pupils and followers and we are not expecting other rewards except that special look on kid's faces when seeing or understanding something they never could!
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