Julio Vannini


Sunspot 1302

Wow, a new active region
emerged at the limb of the Sun,
and it exploded with fierce emotion,
sending its charged particles toward our Home.

And the people around the poles celebrated
when a glorious celestial fireworks showed above them,
and tons of films and RAM where used, rolled and saved,
while the Auroras danced, arched and played for them.

It was a giant sunspot, 1302 it was named
and it was as large and big as four Earths;
with its energetic dark eye looking at us,
menacing, powerful, and barely tamed. 

As it crossed the disc of the Sun at the center,
reports of visual observations came in:
astronomers from Latin America reported,
that with filters and no optical instrument 
that fiery region they have seen.

Let's share with others this wonder,
while there is some time to do so;
cause new generations of astronomers grow older
and learn from our Sun they must, though.

Solar kids


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    Amateur Astronomer from Nicaragua. My main interest is Public Outreach, the Moon and Variable Stars. I am married to Sonia and father to Cesar, Alessandra and Oscar.


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